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The Dragon’s blog

Sounds of joy and gladness, voices of bridegroom and bride… Cheerssss! So much happiness, he proposed!!! His mother’s on cloud nine, she can’t believe this miracle is happening to her, her prince is getting married. Since the announcement, your mother’s on the phone all day long, crying tears of joy and telling all her friends that her baby’s leaving home. Your sister’s drifting into thoughts, as if it was her event. What will she wear, who will do her hair…

The Dragon’s Blog

Nothing excites me more than new beginnings (other than my little boys, of course). And finally, it’s about time… I'm super thrilled to launch the new website of my beloved Petite Doris brand — a small home for a big family.


Petite Club

Petite wants to be in touch with you, and not only talk about clothes