The brand PETITE DORIS was founded in 2015 by Dorin Attias and Sasson Kedem, two fashion icons.Dorin Attias is a stylist and critic who set the fashion bar. The Tel-Avivian scene looks up to her weekly performance in the popular “Fashion Police”, airing in prime time television for the past 13 years. Sasson Kedem is a well-known fashion designer, the mentor on the Israeli “Project Runway” and a fashion consultant to many others. Kedem is one of the very few to own a Fashion House in Tel-Aviv, established in 1992. PETITE DORIS is an outcome of a long-standing friendship and a common esthetic approach. Attias comes bearing her inherent sense of style and Kedem brings his talent of translating ideas into fashion. “Our vision is to design an entire wardrobe with forever wearable pieces. We pay attention to detail to let women choose from a collection full of thought-through items. Our woman is herself when in them and her personality is at best as she wears them. She has her groove on and chooses to wear whatever feels right for her. We live in the city and create urban clothes. Our clothes do not wait for a specific moment, they are for all moments. They are streetwear in the most flexible way – you get to determine whether it’s day or night, work or party. This duality lives inside each garment. The collection favors classy and timeless pieces that are accessible and easy as such. The PETITE DORIS design is right for today as it will be for tomorrow. ”